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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage by Elaine & Lindsey

Let our experienced Massage Therapist's help you on your path feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world by choosing from of the various modalities and techniques we have to offer, designing the massage around your individual assessment and needs.
Studies have proven that continuous massage therapy can help manage stress, significantly sooth chronic joint and muscle pain, boost the immune system, battle fatigue, combat depression, improve circulation, help with insomnia, and also comfort those recovering from drug and alcohol withdrawal. So contact our therapist to book an appointment and be your own advocate at a better way of life.

Elaine Prices


Get a Free Massage!! Purchase a series of 5 Massages and get the 6th Free

Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Hot Stone Therapy.

Swedish Massage
A full body massage of light to medium pressure. Relieves muscle tension, increases circulation, and promotes total mind and body relaxation.
60 min-$60
90 min-$90

Deep Tissue Massage
A firm-Pressure therapeutic massage. Helps alleviate pain associated with stress, inflammation and tissue damage.

Hot Stone Massage
Warm, oiled stones are used to deeply penetrate muscles melting away aches and pains.

Back ,Neck and Shoulder Massage
A therapeutic massage designed to target tension specifically in those areas.
30min-$40 (add $5 for deep)
50min-$60 (add $10 for deep)
60min-$70 (add $10 for deep)
90min-$110 (add $15 for deep)

Aromatherapy $5
Choose from a variety of premium essential oils add to any massage.

Serenity in the Glen
A full body aromatherapy massage with eucalyptus, spearmint essential oils including an exfoliating foot scrub and moisturizing foot wrap.

Signature Specials
The Works Massage
A customized deep tissue massage combining hot stones, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques.

The Zone Massage
A Swedish massage that will leave you feeling refreshed from head to toe. Beginning with the scalp, this session focuses on the back, neck and shoulders and ends with an invigorating foot massage. The calming scents of lavender and vanilla are used to induce the deepest level of relaxation.

Mountain Massage Therapy

By Lindsey


Custom Massage

30min 60min 90min 120min

                          $50    $85     $125    $160

Each massage is customized based upon the clients assessment. A combination of techniques is used in each massage including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, stretching, and compression's incorporating                              aromatherapy,  hot towels,  hot stones, 

and herbal heat packs.

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