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Christine's In The Glen is a unique chic salon and Spa. Our clientele will experience the best technical work, service and theultimate in professionalism and creativity from our Team of Specialists.

We are constantly striving to provide our clientele with fashion forward cuts and colors as well as relaxing treatments to calm the stress away. Our Salon is comprised of talentedHair Dressers,Therapists, Manicurist and Estheticianwho through experience, continued education and creativity, will have you looking and feeling beautiful and refreshed.

We use and carry only top of the line product for both hair and skin.

We carry hair products such as Morroccan Oil, Enjoy, Kenra, Sebastian and OYA.

Our line of skin products include

Image and Hydropeptide Skin Care.

we look forward to seeing you

Christine's in the Glen


Christine Feldman Owner/Hairdresser Erin Linden Owner/Manager/Esthetician

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