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About Our Professionals

Professional Hair Dressers

Christine_1Christine Feldman

Christine has over four decades of experience and has studied under some of the best in the industry like the Sebastion Brothers.She continues to stay current through continued education and attendance at the most recent and high end trade shows and exhibitors. She keeps the salon fashion forward and continues to bring new and exciting styles and products to the salon.Christine has been making people beautiful here in Lake Arrowhead since 1985 and has since expanded to a full service Salon and Spa with some of the best stylists, Aestheticians and massage therapists on the mountain. Christine's has become the place to go for the best services and products.

By appointment Only: (909)336-1821 Ext 700


Specializing in the art of Cosmetology for over 25 years, Dale is experienced and custom in the art of hair he thrives on making his clients look fantastic. Dale Specializes in Color and Cuts.

By Appointment Only:
(909)709-4092 Ext 702


Mary is a very experienced Cosmetologist, She specializes in many style's and Color Techniques, She is a one of a kind hair dresser.
By Appointment Only:
(909)499-8191 Ext 704


Available Sundays
By Appointment Only
Professional experienced cosmetologist specializing in color and cuts for both men and Women.


Color Specialist experienced in new and vibrant hair coloring for 7 years. Sia has a love for doing family'sof all ages and is experienced in wedding and bridal up dos. Men's Clipper cuts are one of her specialties, She also has training and
experiencein hair extensions.

By Appointment Only
:909-496-5440 Ext 703

(By appointment only)
818-310-8740 extension 705

Hair and Makeup

Chelsea Specializes in Fun and up to date color jobs, Kid's and Women's hair cuts for all styles. Makeup for all occasions. Extensions and Perms as well. Chelsea is very knowledgeable in hair color and takes pride in her work. Chelsea is a kind talented professional.

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(By Appointment Only)
Hair Services
Jessica has been a thriving hairdresser on the mountain for over 20 years ,Specializing in Custom Color, Men and Lady's Cuts and Hair Design.

(909)953-2417 Ext 707

Aestheticsand Massage Therapy

erin_pic_1 Erin Linden (SCS)
License #Z 64410
Skin Care Specialist

Skin Care
Erin has been a mountainresidenther entirelife born and raised in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, she has a unconditional love for the mountains. Growing up Erin was surrounded with the art of beauty. Her mother owner of Christine's in the Glen has owned and managed salons and spas since 1970.Coming from such a largebackgroundof beauty Erindecided to join the family business and go to school foraesthetics. InJune of2006 Erinopened her room up on the 2nd floor of Christine's in the Glen and from that point she has thrived on offering the bestaestheticson themountain. Over time Erin has come across fascinating techniques and products to advance her skin care business. Erin welcomes all new and existing clients and looks forward to helping them achieve lasting results with wonderful customer service.

Thank You Erin Linden

By Appointment Only:
Ext 701

Therapeutic Massage By Elaine

specializing in therapeutic massage therapy. Elaine is professional and advanced in massage therapy, her customtouchis relaxing andtherapeutic at the same time.
By Appointment Only: (562)-6657670 Ext 706

Lori Manicurist
By Appointment Only 951-553-9846 Ext 709

Lori is a a Well
known and Established Manicurist with over 30+ Years of experience.
Acrylic, Silk wraps, Gel, Dip She is a Fantastic Manicurists.

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